King Gary. Image shows from L to R: Teddy King (Riley Burgin), Terri King (Laura Checkley), Gary King (Tom Davis), Denise King (Camille Coduri), Big Gary King (Simon Day). Copyright: Shiny Button Productions
King Gary

King Gary

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2018 - 2021
  • 14 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom about a working-class family man attempting to keep up with family, friends and neighbours. Stars Tom Davis, Laura Checkley, Simon Day, Camille Coduri, Riley Burgin and more.

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Series 2, Episode 3 - Conquerors

King Gary. Gary King (Tom Davis). Copyright: Shiny Button Productions
Gary and Stuart head off into the woods for an orienteering trip with their boys, Teddy and Ryan.

Further details

Gary and Stuart head off into the woods for an orienteering trip with their boys, Teddy and Ryan. It turns out that next-door-nemesis Aaron is also going on the trip, and is something of a survival expert, and so Gary quickly spots an opportunity to get one over on him by pitting his team against Aaron's in a bid to capture the flag.

Back home, Terri is on a mission - £20 has gone missing from the wedding fund jar and cleaner Angela is squarely in the frame. She even has a theory that Chloe, who recommended Angela to her, might be running a gang of thieving cleaners, like some kind of suburban Fagin figure, and is determined to prove it by collecting evidence from family and neighbours.

Big Gary, meanwhile, has developed an interest in his family history and has charged neighbours Robin and Anne with the task of researching the King lineage. Robin and Anne make some fascinating discoveries - they're just not quite the ones Big Gary was hoping for.

In the woods, Gary and his team are soon lost and make camp for the night. There's drama at the camp when Gary and Stuart catch Teddy and Ryan smoking - and even bigger drama when Teddy confesses that he'd paid for the cigarettes with the £20 he stole from the wedding fund jar ...

Unaware of this, Terri confronts Angela and Chloe at Chloe's house, and fires Chloe as wedding planner. When she finds out the truth about Teddy, it's fair to say that both he and Gary are in rather a lot of trouble...

Broadcast details

Friday 13th August 2021
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Tom Davis Gary King
Laura Checkley Terri King
Simon Day Big Gary King
Camille Coduri Denise King
Riley Burgin Teddy King
Romesh Ranganathan Stuart Williams
Morgan Watkins Aaron
Guest cast
Miranda Hennessy Chloe Ferdinando
Aamir Tai Ryan Williams
Emma Sidi Anne
Alastair Roberts (as Al Roberts) Robin
Nigel Betts Akela
George Mizen Big Lee Wallace
Debra Baker Angela
Writing team
Tom Davis Writer
James De Frond Writer
Geoff Norcott Writer (Additional Material)
Lily Brazier Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
James De Frond Director
Richard Webb Producer
Andy Brereton Executive Producer
Tom Davis Executive Producer
James De Frond Executive Producer
Ben Caudell Executive Producer
Lesley Cruickshank Line Producer
Robin Hill Editor
Anna Sheldrake Production Designer
Catherine Willis Casting Director
Roy Estabrook Director of Photography
Leonie Hartard Costume Designer
Nicola Schuller Make-up Designer
Pete Wareham Composer
Graeme Peacock Graphics
Laurie Mahon 1st Assistant Director

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