The Warm Up Guy. Iain Bodkin (Tom Davis). Copyright: Running Bare Pictures
The Warm Up Guy

The Warm Up Guy

  • TV sitcom
  • E4
  • 2011
  • 1 pilot

Comedy Lab sitcom pilot about a struggling studio warm up comedian, starring Tom Davis. Stars Tom Davis, Satnam Bhogal, Ruth Bratt, Roger Evans, Hannah Job and more.

Press clippings

This is the penultimate Comedy Lab pilot, and stars Tom Davis as Iain Bodkin, a "comedian" (in the loosest sense of the word) whose main job is doing warm up for a TV programme... but he's actually a total failure.

This is something of a cringe comedy, as you continuously watch Bodkin trying to be funnier than he really is. His lack of success is made clear when he is forced to work in a supermarket, where his continued attempts to make people laugh always bring him down - as well as his supervisor's trousers.

Eventually Bodkin finds some work on a panel show, albeit dressed up as a penguin, kicked by a martial arts expert into an inflatable swimming pool of chocolate. This results in a pointless rivalry between him and the warm up guy for this panel show (played rather well by Will Smith).

This pilot's definitely got legs and would probably make for an entertaining series if given the chance. Yes, Bodkin isn't a love character. In fact he is something of a bastard, but he is a funny bastard...

Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 14th November 2011

The Warm Up Guy - Interview

This Sunday, E4 are airing a pilot called The Warm Up Guy as part of their Comedy Lab series. We caught up with the creator and star of the show Tom Davis to ask him some questions about his new project...

Simply Television, 4th November 2011

Tom Davis interview

Digital Spy caught up with Tom Davis to get the lowdown on The Warm Up Guy and what a future series may have in store.

Alex Fletcher, Digital Spy, 4th November 2011

Channel 4 to pilot sitcom about studio warm up comic

Up-and-coming actor Tom Davis will star in The Warm Up Guy, a new sitcom pilot for Channel 4's forthcoming Comedy Lab season.

British Comedy Guide, 20th July 2011

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