TNT Show. Image shows from L to R: Jack Whitehall, Holly Walsh. Copyright: Objective Productions.

TNT Show

Channel 4 sketch show. 12 episodes (1 series) in 2009. Stars Jack Whitehall, Holly Walsh, Morgana Robinson, Tom Allen and Matthew Crosby.

TNT Show

Jack Whitehall and Holly Walsh take a fast-paced comic look at the week's news stories. Also features stunts, sketches and more

Sketch Show
Channel 4
12   (1 series)
Jack Whitehall, Holly Walsh, Morgana Robinson, Tom Allen and Matthew Crosby
Jack Whitehall, Holly Walsh, Stewart Williams, Jon Hunter, Dan Swimer, Matthew Crosby, Freddy Syborn, Tom Allen and others
Tim Van Someren
Iain Wimbush, Laura Gibson, Nathan Eastwood, Lee Hupfield and Andrew O'Connor

Young comedy upstarts Jack Whitehall and Holly Walsh hosted this weekly late-night topical entertainment show. In front of a live audience Jack and Holly took an irreverent look at the week's events.

Regular features included:

Jack Whitehall Investigates: Jack gathers an audience of real people together who think they're on a real discussion show, but Jack's interview guests are all actors.

Holly Walsh's Celebrity News: Holly takes a fast paced, graphics-filled look at the latest celebrity news.

Dictionary Corner: Tom Allen presents new words that have just become part of the dictionary. Apparently. e.g. 'Shitney' - a pop singer who is no longer any good.

Gilbert's Special Report: Gilbert and his crew (actors in real life) all have disabilities, but that doesn't stop them interviewing celebrities.

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