All Change. Uncle Bob (Frankie Howerd). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

All Change

ITV sitcom about a warring family. 12 episodes (2 series), 1989 - 1991. Stars Frankie Howerd.

All Change

Children's sitcom starring Frankie Howerd as ageing Uncle Bob, promising to leave all of his money to one side of the family

1989 - 1991
12   (2 series)
Frankie Howerd

The last will and testament of filthy-rich eccentric millionaire Uncle Bob begins the hilarious game of 'All Change'.

Frankie Howerd is the be-kilted shortbread biscuit baron and barmy bird watcher Uncle Bob that gives truth to the North-South divide and has two families trading places with riotous consequences.

Uncle Bob was made of money and had only two living relatives in the world, Fabia London from London, and Brian Oldfield from the North of England - and he loathed them both as much as they disliked the old 'certifiable fruitcake'! Tragically killed in a flying accident, Uncle Bob left a video will. Who will inherit his money: the greedy loathsome London family and their offspring; or the grasping, odious Oldfields and their revolting brood?

True to his odd-ball character in life, Uncle Bob has devised a special game of musical families to extract his own particular revenge from beyond the grave, but there's no sweet music in this contest, as the Oldfields and the Londons battle it out for his money by trading places, swapping lives and lifestyles completely, lock stock and barrel. Uncle Bob calls it 'All Change' and it's not going to be an easy game to play.

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First broadcast
Wednesday 15th November 1989 on ITV at 4:40pm
Last new broadcast
Tuesday 12th March 1991 on ITV at 4:30pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes

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