Dream Stuffing. Image shows from L to R: Mo (Amanda Symonds), Jude (Rachael Weaver). Copyright: Limehouse Productions.

Dream Stuffing

Channel 4 sitcom. 10 episodes (1 series) in 1984. Stars Rachael Weaver, Amanda Symonds, Frank Lee, Ray Burdis and Maria Charles.

Dream Stuffing

Sitcom about two young women sharing a high-rise flat in east London, struggling to find work, love, and their place in society

Channel 4
10   (1 series)
Rachael Weaver, Amanda Symonds, Frank Lee, Ray Burdis and Maria Charles
Paul Hines and Su Wilkins
John Kaye Cooper
Humphrey Barclay

For Jude and Mo, life around Shadwell, in the East End of London, means living in a grotty tower block and shuffling between job and dole queue.

Jude's a part-time punk and wannabe saxophonist. Convinced her artistic streak will one day soon propel her to stardom, she'll attempt almost anything to keep herself on the dole and out of work, including feigning pregnancy!

Maureen is far more practical, if not rather unlucky. It'd be an exaggeration to say she enjoys her job at the glass-eye factory, but when it shuts down Mo's rather worried about losing her income and having to claim benefits.

Only just getting by on a daily basis, their lives are complicated by Mo's cantankerous Jewish mother, May; their friend and Mo's former colleague, the heavily pregnant Brenda; next-door neighbour and closet homosexual Richard; and his father, Bill, who insists on operating London's only high-rise scrapyard from their flat!

But there's always hope...isn't there?

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