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Hot Gossip

BBC Radio 2 panel show. 26 episodes (5 series), 2008 - 2012. Stars Claudia Winkleman and Sara Cox.

Hot Gossip

Radio 2 panel show in which comics 'unleash a torrent of celebrity-fuelled opinion'. Hosted by Claudia Winkleman and Sara Cox

Panel Show
2008 - 2012
BBC Radio 2
26   (5 series)
Claudia Winkleman and Sara Cox
Phil Critchlow

Hot Gossip is a show in which professionally witty, catty and clever 'gossip-mongers' compete to have the hottest gossip. There are no teams - it's every girl/boy for themselves.

The cat fight is controlled by the host, Claudia Winkleman (Sara Cox for Series 4, filling in for a pregnant Winkleman who doctors say must rest).

The questions do not require a factual answer, they simply act as spring boards for players to unleash a stream of caustic, witty and often slightly unhinged opinion. After each player has let loose, the host decides which one she deems to be the funniest.

Set in a sumptuous salon, the show's series of regular rounds include 'Where's My Line', 'Three In A Bed' and 'Ask A Stupid Question'.

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