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It's A Lot

It's A Lot

Urban comedy about a youth from a privileged background who is torn between fitting in, lies, girls, and his father's wrath

Femi Oyeniran, Red Madrell, Roxy Sternberg, Jazzie Zonzolo, Jack Doolan, Roxanne Pallett, Sarah-Jane Crawford, Kojo Mante and Tim Westwood
Femi Oyeniran and Nick Walker
Femi Oyeniran and Darwood Grace

Shaun has been given a privileged start in life but finds that he doesn't fit into the world that his parents hoped he would. Deliberately deceiving his family, he enrolls at his cousin's college where he discovers the world of girls, parties and excitement that he's been craving.

Trying to impress Chrissy, the hottest girl in school, Shaun manages to destroy his father's prized Lotus and needs to find £20,000 to repair the damage - all before his parents return from holiday. Persuaded by his wayward cousin and new friends, Shaun devises a plan to make some quick money but with potentially damaging consequences.

Quickly becoming uncomfortable with the lies he is telling not only to his family and friends but to the wider world, Shaun wants to come clean. Things get more complicated when he meets Natalie who believes his lies and is touched by his generous spirit. Shaun soon becomes torn between his growing feelings for Natalie and fear of his father's wrath and must decide which path he wants to take.

Production Details

UK certificate
96 minutes
Release date
Friday 25th October 2013
Production company
Laugh track

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