Gold Is Where You Find It. Steve Lenihan (Barry Keegan).

Gold Is Where You Find It

Gold Is Where You Find It. Image shows from L to R: Billy Ryan (Patrick McAlinney), Pader Murphy (Sam Kydd), Tyg McMahon (Eddie Byrne).

Gold Is Where You Find It

Comedy in which a group of Irishmen are fooled into believing gold has been discovered in the countryside around their village

Paddy Manning O'Brine
Eddie Byrne, Dermot Kelly, Sam Kydd, Barry Keegan, Patrick McAlinney, P.G. Stephens, Patrick Jordan, Barbara Berkery and others
Paddy Manning O'Brine and Francis A Searle
Francis A Searle
Francis A Searle

Steve Lenihan is returning to the small Irish village of Shanbally a millionaire. He has lived in California for the past 20 years, where he was lucky enough to strike gold and make his fortune, and is stopping off back in the old country whilst on a business trip. His former friends, neighbours and drinking-buddies are pleased to see him and even more pleased to inspect the small pouch of gold nuggets he carries around in his pocket for good luck.

Having imbibed well into the evening, Steve sets out on foot to the edge of the village to take a look at his grandmother's former home. Whilst stumbling across the rough country terrain for a more romantic viewpoint of the building, his coat is torn and the pouch - and its gold - begin falling onto the ground.

Days later and the sad news is reported that Lenihan's charter plane has disappeared somewhere over the Atlantic: he is missing, presumed drowned. The locals begin to get back to their normal lives, including the eccentric Mike, who has long believed that there is gold just waiting to be found in the hills around the village...

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UK certificate
27 minutes
Release date

Monarch Films

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Last repeat
Friday 29th September 2017 at 9:35am on TPTV

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