Sing As We Go!. Grace Platt (Gracie Fields). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures
Sing As We Go!

Sing As We Go!

  • 1934 film

Comic tale of a working class girl who seeks alternative employment in Blackpool when the mill she works at closes down. Stars Gracie Fields, John Loder, Dorothy Hyson, Stanley Holloway, Frank Pettingell and more.

Sing As We Go!. Grace Platt (Gracie Fields). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures

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Gracie Fields, John Loder, Dorothy Hyson, Stanley Holloway, Frank Pettingell, Lawrence Grossmith, Morris Harvey, Arthur Sinclair and more
J. B. Priestley
Basil Dean
Basil Dean

Lancashire's Greybeck Mill is the latest firm to succumb to the harsh financial realities of depression Britain, with manager Hugh Phillips reluctantly announcing the closure of his family's business, leaving hundreds out of work.

Living with her aunt and uncle, who runs a clock repair shop, mill-hand and amateur singer Grace, a popular entertainer amongst the mill community, soon realises she cannot simply sit and wait for work to find her. Packing a few belongings and taking to her bicycle, she sets off for the bright lights of the seaside resort of Blackpool in search of employment.

Her old friend and boss Hugh, meanwhile, is still hopeful that a spark of ingenuity will save the town's fortunes and enable him to reopen Greybeck. The situation seems bleak, but his father, the owner of the company, hears word of a new method of producing artificial silks and other textiles, and tasks him with tracking down and wooing its inventor.

Arriving in Blackpool, Grace quickly finds work as a junior maid in a busy boarding house, but just as quickly discovers that some of the guests are inclined to take far many more liberties than she is willing to put up with, and leaves in search of a new role elsewhere.

Enticed by a Blackpool Bathing Belles swimsuit-beauty contest, she considers entering but is soon put off by the calibre of other girls signing up - none more so than Londoner Phyllis, with whom Grace immediately strikes up a firm friendship. Phyllis takes her back to her lodgings at the home of fortune-teller Madame Osiris. Here Grace is able to assist her new landlady in some of her dealings, but permanent employment it certainly is not, and she quickly heads back into the thronging town in hope of work.

Hugh, meanwhile, has also ended up in Blackpool in search of his hopeful saviour, and when he bumps into Phyllis whilst watching their mutual friend sing for a pair of composers and sellers of sheet music, the two share an instant romantic bond. Alas, through no fault of her own this chance proves as short-lived for Grace as the previous, and she is soon looking for a job once more.

Phyllis's luck is turning in quite a different direction: quickly falling very much in love with the dashing Hugh Phillips, she also secures first prize in the Bathing Belles contest - and upsets the rather more conservative, unapproving Hugh in doing so! The lovers quarrel and it looks like it could already be the end of the road for their romance.

Grace finally finds herself a more stable position of employment, although she's rather secretive about what it may be; and Hugh, despite his romantic entanglement, manages to meet and secure a deal with his fellow businessman that will see Greybeck's fortunes returned. However, there are still a few hurdles to overcome before normality may be resumed for any of the trio!

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UK certificate
78 minutes

Equity British Films

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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Recording details

  • A.T.P. Studios
  • Blackpool

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