The Magnificent Evans. Image shows from L to R: Plantagenet Evans (Ronnie Barker), Rachel (Sharon Morgan). Copyright: BBC.

The Magnificent Evans

BBC One sitcom about a flamboyant photographer. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1984. Stars Ronnie Barker, Sharon Morgan, Dickie Arnold, Myfanwy Talog and others.

The Magnificent Evans

Ronnie Barker stars as a larger-than-life Welsh photographer

6   (1 series)
Ronnie Barker, Sharon Morgan, Dickie Arnold, Myfanwy Talog, William Thomas and Dyfed Thomas
Roy Clarke
Sydney Lotterby
Sydney Lotterby

In the small Welsh village of Llantisiliant, Plantagenet Evans advertises himself as a 'Genius, Photographer and Man of Letters'. Larger-than-life and flamboyantly dressed, Evans is an egotistical, overbearing character who sees himself as more of an artist than an artisan.

A man of hidden means who also deals in anything saleable under the guise of 'antiques', the sharp-tongued Evans is driven by lust and other sordid motives. Perhaps that is why his long-standing, long-suffering fiancee Rachel is employed as his assistant, a position that enables her to ensure his wandering hands don't wander too far and his wandering eye doesn't wander too wide.

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Production Details

Production company
Theme tune and series composition by Ronnie Hazlehurst.
Laugh track
Yes, but type unknown


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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 6th September 1984 on BBC One at 8pm
Last new broadcast
Thursday 11th October 1984 on BBC One at 8pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes

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