Rab C. Nesbitt. Rab C. Nesbitt (Gregor Fisher). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

I Will Tell You This! My Life With Rab C Nesbitt

BBC Radio Scotland documentary about Rab C Nesbitt. 1 episode in 2017. Features Ian Pattison, Colin Gilbert and Gregor Fisher.

I Will Tell You This! My Life With Rab C Nesbitt

Documentary about Rab C Nesbitt, presented by creator Ian Pattison

BBC Radio Scotland
Ian Pattison, Colin Gilbert and Gregor Fisher

Written and presented by Ian Pattison, I Will Tell You This! My Life With Rab C Nesbitt is one man's epic journey to the savage heart of the Glasgow dream via the inner circle subway line from Govan. Born and raised in the area, Ian managed to break free of the cycle of dead end jobs and a bleak economic future by writing about Govan and its people, through the eyes of his creation Rab C Nesbitt.

It gave Ian a rope ladder to escape into the wider, brighter world. Ten series, six specials, and two stage shows later, Ian goes back to Rab C's spiritual heartland in Govan to rediscover the inspiration behind one of Scotland's most iconic comedy creations, and tells for the very first time about the real characters that inspired Nesbitt.

There are interviews with producer Colin Gilbert on how Rab evolved from a radio sketch character to one of the most successful Scottish sitcoms of all time, and also with Gregor Fisher on those heady early days performing Nesbitt on Naked Video. The documentary discovers the characters in Ian's life and the observations that fuelled his creativity and helped shape Rab C's comedy persona.

There'll also be some extracts of classic Nesbitt monologues that will illuminate areas of Rab's thinking and shape Ian's story. The documentary finds out how Ian got on when he took a trip to talk to the people of Govan about their view on Rab C and the representation of their town, and to visit local writing talent at The Sunny Govan Community Media Group.

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First broadcast
Monday 25th December 2017 on BBC Radio Scotland at 12:45pm
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45 minutes