May To December. Image shows from L to R: Zoe Angell (Eve Matheson), Alec Callendar (Anton Rodgers). Copyright: Cinema Verity.

May To December

BBC One sitcom about a relationship age gap. 39 episodes (6 series), 1989 - 1994. Stars Anton Rodgers, Eve Matheson, Lesley Dunlop, Paul Venables and others.

May To December. Image shows from L to R: Alec Callendar (Anton Rodgers), Zoe Angell (Lesley Dunlop). Copyright: Cinema Verity.

May To December

Middle-aged solicitor Alec Callender meets Zoe Angell, a PE teacher much younger than himself. Despite the age gap, romance soon blossoms

1989 - 1994
39   (6 series)
Anton Rodgers, Eve Matheson, Lesley Dunlop, Paul Venables, Frances White, Rebecca Lacey, Carolyn Pickles, Kate Williams and Chrissie Cotterill
Paul Mendelson
Sydney Lotterby, Paul Harrison and John Kilby
Sydney Lotterby, Sharon Bloom and Verity Lambert

Solicitor Alec Callender is a dreamer. He longs for cases in the vein of his hero, fictional attorney Perry Mason, but in small-town England rarely gets work more exciting than a mucky divorce.

However, a case of precisely that nature provides the middle-aged widower with excitement in the form of Zoe Angell. At 26, she is less than half of his age - barely older than his son in fact - but shared interests and a similar sense of humour with the young PE teacher sees romance blossom between the unlikely pair. Their families offer differing and wavering levels of support, but love will always find a way - won't it?

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 2nd April 1989 on BBC One at 8:35pm
Last new broadcast
Friday 27th May 1994 on BBC One

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