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Bottoms Up. Copyright: Transocean Films.

Bottoms Up

Feature film based on the TV sitcom Whack-O!, starring Jimmy Edwards as the headmaster of Chiselbury School, 'for the sons of gentlefolk'

Jimmy Edwards, Arthur Howard, Martita Hunt, Sydney Tafler, Raymond Huntley, Reginald Beckwith, Vanda Hudson, Melvyn Hayes and others
Michael Pertwee, Frank Muir and Denis Norden
Mario Zampi
Mario Zampi

The headmaster of Chiselbury School, Professor Edwards, has a rather novel plan to raise the profile - and profits - of his establishment when a new, no-nonsense chairman of the school's governors puts him on notice for his position.

A brave plot involving gambling debts, a Cockney delinquent, a middle-eastern prince and the secrecy of the Foreign Office is put into action: but when the other boys of the school, lead by rabble-rousing Bishop's son Wendover, go into full revolt and a gang of kidnappers arrive at Chiselbury on the very same night, it's not just Edwards's job but the school's entire existence that seems to be on the line...

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