Sid Colin

Sid Colin is a writer.

Known for


Year Production Role
1978 Backs To The Land - Series 3
  1. E6 - A Gay Dog And Doris
  2. E4 - Waits And Desperate Measures
Writer (Additional Material)
1975 A Touch Of The Casanovas Writer
1975 Love Thy Neighbour - Series 8
  1. E3 - Episode Three
1975 Love Thy Neighbour - Series 7
  1. E1 - Episode One
1974 Percy's Progress Writer
1973 Whoops Baghdad Writer
1972 Up The Front Writer
1971 Up The Chastity Belt Writer
1971 Up Pompeii Writer
1970 Carry On Christmas - Carry On Again Christmas Writer
1970 Up Pompeii! - Series 2 Writer
1964 HMS Paradise Producer
1964 Carry On Spying Writer
1964 How To Be An Alien Producer
Meet The Champ Crew
1959 Tommy The Toreador Writer (Additional Material)
1959 The Army Game - Series 3 Writer
1958 I Only Arsked! Writer
1957 People Like Us Writer
1957 The Army Game Creator
Carmichael's Night Out Crew
Hip Hip Who Ray Crew
1955 One Good Turn Writer (Additional Material)
Friends And Neighbours Crew
1953 Top Of The Form Writer (Additional Material)
Here's Television Crew
Don't Look Now Crew
How Do You View? Crew

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