One Good Turn. Image shows from L to R: Norman (Norman Wisdom), Iris (Joan Rice). Copyright: ITV
One Good Turn

One Good Turn (1955)

  • 1955 film

Classic comedy starring Norman Wisdom as a hapless caretaker who finds his good intentions leading to disaster. Also features Joan Rice, Shirley Abicair, Thora Hird, Russell Enoch, Joan Ingram and more.

One Good Turn. Norman (Norman Wisdom). Copyright: ITV

Key details

Norman Wisdom, Joan Rice, Shirley Abicair, Thora Hird, Russell Enoch, Joan Ingram, Richard Caldicot, David Hurst and more
Maurice Cowan, John Paddy Carstairs, Ted Willis, Sid Colin, Talbot Rothwell and Dorothy Whipple
John Paddy Carstairs
Maurice Cowan and Earl St. John

Orphanage handyman Norman is, as a former resident himself, very much one of the family at the home.

Enjoying a particularly strong bond with the children, he accompanies them to Brighton to see the sea, but manages to lose his trousers on the train journey south. Trying to find somewhere to be less conspicuous only half-dressed, he stumbles across a London-to-Brighton walking race - and manages to win first prize!

The trophy he's awarded looks likely to come in handy when one particular boy, Jimmy, is let down by an aunt. To cheer him up Norman promises to buy him any toy he wants - but the electric ride-in model car he's got his eye on would normally be well out of Norman's price range, even at £12.

As Norman sets about trying to find the money, news comes through that the home is to be sold and demolished to make way for a large new factory. The children will be sent into private foster care under the plans, but neither they nor the staff are going to accept their fate without a fight!

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Additional details

UK certificate
95 minutes
UK release
January 1955

General Film Distributors

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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  • Sunday 13th March 2022 at 9:30am on TPTV
  • Monday 30th August 2021 at 3:00pm on TPTV
  • Monday 14th June 2021 at 3:00pm on TPTV

Recording details

  • Pinewood Studios

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