Demobbed. Norman (Norman Evans). Copyright: Butcher's Film Service.



Demobbed from the army, four troublesome soldiers are reunited with their old Sergeant

Norman Evans, Nat Jackley, Dan Young, Betty Jumel, Tony Dalton, James Plant, George Merritt, Fred Kitchen Jnr and others
Arthur Mertz and John E. Blakeley
John E. Blakeley

Soldiers Nat, Dan, Billy and Norman are facing their demob and are more than a little reluctant to return to civvy street. The oddball group have grown rather fond of their sergeant during the past few years, and are even keener on the army's regular pay! However, with the sergeant about to be demobbed too, the men quieten their objections and resign themselves to entering back into the world of regular work.

Arriving at the Labour Exchange, the four are soon given their instructions: they are to report to a a company producing scientific instruments, who are desperate for workers. After a few false starts attempting to find the factory, they arrive - only to be introduced to their old sergeant as their new foreman!

As the quartet begin to get to work, it becomes very quickly apparent that they're not exactly suited to the regular running of the factory, and have a particular run-in with one of the executives, Mr Black. A discussion with his friendly secretary, however, soon has the boys making plans of their own.

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