John E. Blakeley

  • English
  • Writer, director and producer

John E. Blakeley was an English writer, director and producer.

Year Production Role
1959 Stick 'Em Up Director
1959 Stick 'Em Up (as Anthony Toner) Story
1950 Over The Garden Wall Producer
1950 Over The Garden Wall Director
1950 Over The Garden Wall (as Anthony Toner) Story
1949 What A Carry On! Producer
1949 What A Carry On! Director
1949 What A Carry On! (as Anthony Toner) Story
1946 Under New Management Director
1946 Under New Management (as Anthony Toner) Writer
1945 Home Sweet Home Producer
1945 Home Sweet Home Director
1945 Home Sweet Home (as Anthony Toner) Writer
1944 Demobbed Director
1944 Demobbed (as Anthony Toner) Writer
1943 Somewhere On Leave Producer
1943 Somewhere On Leave Director
1943 Somewhere On Leave (as Anthony Toner) Writer
1942 Somewhere In Camp Director
1942 Somewhere In Camp (as Anthony Toner) Writer
1940 Somewhere In England Director
1940 Somewhere In England (as George Anthony Toner) Writer
1935 Off The Dole Creator
1935 Off The Dole Producer
1935 Off The Dole Writer (Adapted By)
1934 Boots! Boots! Producer

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Monday 1st October 1888
Thursday 20th February 1958 (aged 69)
Anthony Toner
George Anthony Toner
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