The Girl Whisperer. Joz (Joz Norris).

The Girl Whisperer

YouTube sitcom. 9 episodes (2 series), 2015 - 2016. Stars Joz Norris, Harriet Kemsley and Ralf Little.

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The Girl Whisperer. Image shows from L to R: Emma (Harriet Kemsley), Joz (Joz Norris).

The Girl Whisperer

A webseries about a weirdo who is interested in learning more about dating

2015 - 2016
9   (2 series)
Joz Norris, Harriet Kemsley and Ralf Little
Joz Norris and Ralf Little
Giles Alderson
Charlie Laurie

Joz is a weirdo, but he thinks he'd like to be normal. Worried about the prospect of being alone forever, he consults his friend Sam for advice on dating. Sam is a misogynist and his advice is terrible. Joz is an idiot and his execution of that advice is even worse.

In Series 2, having cut his ties with Sam, Joz is in need of a friend, and by a twist of fate it seems that, despite their disastrous first date, Emma might be that friend. Having finally found someone as odd and as anxious and as spooked as one another, they set out trying to coach each other through life, with the odd helping hand from Joz's only other friend, Funny Pete.

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First broadcast
Wednesday 28th October 2015 on YouTube
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Monday 25th July 2016 on YouTube