Little Blue Lines.

Little Blue Lines

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama about miscarriage. 5 episodes (1 series) in 2021. Stars Jasmine Hyde, Nicholas Gleaves and Wilbur Conabeare.

Little Blue Lines

Dark comedy drama about a woman who has suffered from miscarriages

Comedy Drama
BBC Radio 4
5   (1 series)
Jasmine Hyde, Nicholas Gleaves and Wilbur Conabeare
Kate Rawson
Gemma Jenkins

Kate Rawson's bleakly funny and frank drama about miscarriage.

Amy inherits a ready-made family when she falls in love with Andy and his young son, Alex. Then she begins to want more.

Kate Rawson is an actor and writer originally from Cornwall, though currently living surrounded by tech giants and giant trees in Northern California. Little Blue Lines is her first play for the radio and is based on a blog she wrote while trying to deal with the anxiety of being pregnant after suffering two miscarriages. It came from a strong desire to smash a silence through art that she did not feel capable of breaking in daily conversations. She has also written a stage play based on the story called Bloody Woman.

For details of organisations which offer advice and support with pregnancy related issues, go online to

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Production Details

Production company
Also known as
  • Drama: Little Blue Lines
  • The 15-Minute Drama: Little Blue Lines (Other official name)
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 22nd February 2021 on BBC Radio 4 at 10:45am
Last new broadcast
Friday 26th February 2021 on BBC Radio 4 at 10:45am
Length of episodes
15 minutes
Last repeat
Friday 26th February 2021 at 7:45pm