Adam Buxton's BUG. Adam Buxton.

Adam Buxton's BUG

Sky Atlantic stand-up. 8 episodes (1 series) in 2012. Stars Adam Buxton.

Adam Buxton's BUG

Comedy series hosted by Adam Buxton, looking at the weird and wonderful world of music videos - and their YouTube comments

Sky Atlantic
8   (1 series)
David Knight, Louise Stevens, Philip Tidy, Christopher Blakeston and Adam Buxton
Adam Buxton
Adam Buxton
Paul Dugdale
Seamus Murphy-Mitchell, David Knight, Louise Stevens, Philip Tidy, Antonia Hurford-Jones, Clive Tulloh and Nicky Taylor

Building on the huge success of five years of live shows at London's BFI Southbank, Sky Atlantic HD brings the cult hit BUG to TV screens.

Presented by comedian, writer, director and music video fanatic Adam Buxton (The Adam And Joe Show), BUG is a celebration of the most brilliant, thought-provoking and weird music videos to be found online.

The series provides a platform for some of the best work in music videos today, from well-known masters of the medium to young newcomers working on zero budgets.

Each episode includes an original music video starring Adam too, directed by some of the best directors working in the business, including David Wilson, Dougal Wilson, & Garth Jennings.

As well as featuring the latest video gems from innovative and groundbreaking directors, Buxton examines the various comments they provoke among the opinionated and eccentric members of the online community, delivering the absurd and off-the-wall responses in his own inimitable style.

Describing BUG, Buxton says: "I tell people it's like going round to a friend's house and having them open their laptop and show you interesting and amusing things they've found or made, except not as tedious and shit as that sounds."

Fun, cheeky and even a little bit educational, Adam Buxton's BUG introduces a wealth of extraordinary music videos, while changing the way you view online forums forever.

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