Bloody Lip. Image shows from L to R: Patrick StGeorge Junior (Patrick Koupland), Liam O'Saink (Dominic Koupland). Copyright: Way Out Films.

Bloody Lip

Bloody Lip

Mockumentary film about an inner-city boxer who has just seven days to prepare for the fight of his life against a childhood rival

Patrick Koupland, Jon McKenna, Bekka Bowling, Dominic McHale, Dominic Koupland, Kimberley Peach, Cem Pakiry-Turgut and Ben Doughty
Adriel Leff
Adriel Leff
Adriel Leff and Bamshad Abedi-Amin

"Produced on a budget that makes shoestrings seem expensive, Spinal Tap meets Rocky in cutting edge comedy mockumentary Bloody Lip."

Bloody Lip is writer Adriel Leff's directorial debut, starring new talent Patrick Koupland in his first lead role.

Working class inner-city middling professional heavyweight boxer Patrick StGeorge Junior has just seven days to prepare for the fight of his life against childhood rival Liam O'Saink - a bout which, if triumphant, will result in Junior achieving his life's goal; bettering the win/loss record laid down by his domineering father Patrick StGeorge Senior during his own short-lived boxing career.

But with a fractious on-again-off-again relationship with his middle class girlfriend Bekka Green and a whole heap of pressure from Liam's menacing promoter Teddy Toddsworth thrown into the mix, what kind of a mental and physical state will Patrick Junior be in come fight night?

Win or lose, one thing's for sure; by the end of the week, Patrick StGeorge's life will never be the same again...

Set to a "thumping soundtrack" composed by local artists, bands and erstwhile DJ/music producer Adriel Leff himself, Bloody Lip is marketed as "aiming broadly at Generations Y and Z, and adventurously merging the ever-popular documentary format with familiar contemporary genres such as cinéma vérité, television sitcom, music video and improvised viral comedy."

Production Details

A Boxumentary
70 minutes
Release date
First screening 22nd November 2012 at Soho House, London
Production company
Laugh track

Broadcast details

Last repeat
Sunday 6th August 2017 at 2:00am on London Live

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