Go Jetters. Copyright: BBC
Go Jetters

Go Jetters

  • TV sitcom
  • CBeebies
  • 2015 - 2021
  • 155 episodes (3 series)

Animated comedy adventure series for CBeebies that aims to teach children the geographies of the world. Stars John Hasler, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Akie Kotabe, Syrus Lowe, Naomi McDonald and more.

  • This series will continue at a later date
  • Series 2, Episode 3 repeated at 12:40pm on CBeebies
Go Jetters. Copyright: BBC

Key details

2015 - 2021
155 (3 series)
Barry Quinn and Katie Simmons
John Hasler, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Akie Kotabe, Syrus Lowe, Naomi McDonald, Pilar Orti, Marc Silk and Tala Gouveia
Elaine McElroy and Ian Carney
Adam Shaw, Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper, Matthew Tea, Carol Nolan, Michael Plummer, Adrian Ignat, Bader Badruddin and more
Adam Redfern, Jo Allen, Adam Carter, Angela Russell, Tony Reed, Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Nathan Waddington, Alison Thornber and Dan Spencer

Go Jetters is a fully animated comedy adventure series weaving accessible geography concepts into engaging and child-relatable stories.

First launched on the CBeebies website in 2014, this TV series follows the four plucky heroes Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz as they travel the world with their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn, a funky disco-grooving unicorn.

Students of the Go Jet Academy, they are at the final stage of their geographical training, the field trip, and their assignment is to learn about the many fascinating man-made and natural landmarks that adorn our world. However, due to the meddlings of failed student Grand Master Glitch, their assignments quickly turn into a mission to save the landmarks and to restore them to their former glory.

The series is packed with comedy, teamwork, thrilling action, awesome sights and fantastic facts about brand-new places. Geographical features and concepts will drive and inspire the plot, dialogue, and scenes.

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First broadcast
Monday 26th October 2015 at 5:20pm on CBeebies
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  1. Series 2, Episode 3: Today at 12:40pm on CBeebies
  2. Series 2, Episode 4: Today at 2:30pm on CBeebies
  3. Series 1, Episode 31: Today at 5:25pm on CBeebies
  4. Series 2, Episode 12: Tomorrow at 6am on CBeebies
  5. Series 2, Episode 13: Tomorrow at 7:40am on CBeebies
  6. Series 2, Episode 5: Tomorrow at 12:40pm on CBeebies
  7. Series 2, Episode 6: Tomorrow at 2:30pm on CBeebies
  8. Series 1, Episode 32: Tomorrow at 5:20pm on CBeebies
  9. Series 2, Episode 14: Thursday at 6am on CBeebies
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