Be More Ethnic

BBC Three sitcom about an actor. 1 pilot in 2007. Stars Christopher Simpson, Laura Donnelly, Keith Duffy, Mark Doherty and others.

Be More Ethnic

Sol is an actor who's tired of being typecast

BBC Three
1 Pilot
Christopher Simpson, Laura Donnelly, Keith Duffy, Mark Doherty, Laura Hughes, Paul Tylak, Saeed Jaffrey, Paul Woodfull and others
Paul Tylak
Ian FitzGibbon

Imagine you're Irish, but apparently, to some people, you don't look it. You spend a good part of your day letting people know you can understand what they're saying, no they don't have to talk slower, and no you don't find it cold here. Welcome to the world of Sol De Silva (Christopher Simpson).

Sol has explored Dublin's underbelly by moving from job to dodgy job (and relationship to dodgy relationship), and despite his father's high hopes has embarked on what is considered a rather unstable career for rather unstable people - Hi diddle-dee-dee, an actor's life for he.

After a run-in with his best friend Dave (Keith Duffy) - a loveable waster, who's forever getting Sol into trouble and helping him mess up his life - Sol is forced to move in with a complete stranger, Leanne (Laura Donnelly). By day a legal secretary with a hangover, by night she likes to party hard and make the next hangover worthwhile. But when Dave takes up residence on their sofa things will never be the same...

Production Details

Part of

Comedy Specials

Production company
Also known as
  • Comedy Specials: Be More Ethnic (Other official name)
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 18th March 2007 on BBC Three at 12:40am
Episode length
30 minutes

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