Four Lions. Image shows from L to R: Waj (Kayvan Novak), Hassan (Arsher Ali), Omar (Riz Ahmed), Barry (Nigel Lindsay)
Four Lions

Four Lions

  • 2010 film

A film by Chris Morris mocking Islamic extremism and suicide bombers. It follows the exploits of four wannabe suicide bombers. Also features Riz Ahmed, Nigel Lindsay, Kayvan Novak, Adeel Akhtar, Arsher Ali and more.

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Four Lions. Image shows from L to R: Barry (Nigel Lindsay), Omar (Riz Ahmed), Hassan (Arsher Ali), Waj (Kayvan Novak)

Key details

Riz Ahmed, Nigel Lindsay, Kayvan Novak, Adeel Akhtar, Arsher Ali, Benedict Cumberbatch, Julia Davis, Craig Parkinson and more
Chris Morris, Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain and Simon Blackwell
Chris Morris
Mark Herbert, Derrin Schlesinger, Angus Aynsley, Carole Baraton, Peter Carlton, Will Clarke, Mark Findlay, Caroline Leddy and more

Four Lions follows the attempts of four wannabe suicide bombers from Sheffield who plan to achieve martyrdom.

The group have conflicting interests, priorities, and wildly differing intellects, not to mention different ideas of who and where they should target. Ultimately, these terrorists are hopeless!

Leader Omar is annoyed by the incompetent nature of the fellow members of his terror cell: overly keen and unthinking Islamic convert Barry; Faisal, a man who wears a box on his head because it against Islamic law to appear on camera; and Waj, who's as confused and impressionable as a puppy. Oh, and Hassan, an immature joker who Barry picked up at a debate about Muslims in Britain.

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Additional details

UK certificate
101 minutes
UK release
Friday 7th May 2010
UK premiere
Saturday 23rd January 2010
Box office
Also known as
  • Boilerhouse (Working title)

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Most recent repeats
  • Friday 17th March 2023 at 11:35pm on Film4
  • Thursday 1st April 2021 at 11:15pm on Film4
  • Monday 7th October 2019 at 10:50pm on Film4

Recording details

  • Sheffield
  • Spain

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