Four Lions. Image shows from L to R: Waj (Kayvan Novak), Hassan (Arsher Ali), Omar (Riz Ahmed), Barry (Nigel Lindsay).

Four Lions

Press Clippings

It's a good time to revisit Four Lions

To cope with the tragic international events of the last few weeks, let's all revisit Chris Morris' masterwork of dark, weirdly healing comedy.

Nathan Rabin, GQ, 22nd November 2015

Don't let terrorists win TV: we need to make Dad's Isis

Chris Morris's Four Lions stands alone in its bonkers brilliance. Those who care about culture should end this silent surrender and make some risky TV.

Marina Hyde, The Guardian, 20th November 2015

The best film about Islamic terroists is a comedy

Chris Morris' Four Lions, released four years ago, skewers the pointlessness and confusion of wannabe jihadists.

Sophie GIlbert, The Atlantic, 18th October 2014

Director/writer/comedy genius Chris Morris once said of this typically daring satire that he aimed to do for Islamic fundamentalist terrorism what Dad's Army did for the Nazis - to show them up as being 'scary but ridiculous'. So here we follow the bungling antics of a group of home-grown suicide bombers, intent on bringing a jihad, if they can only work out their AK-47s from their elbows. The brightest of the bunch is Omar (shining star Riz Ahmed), a devout, suburban Muslim with a loving, seemingly smart wife. A funny, transgressive and frequently perplexing watch.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 2nd October 2013

Film4 pulls Four Lions from schedule after bombings

Film4 has removed Four Lions from its schedule following the Boston Marathon attacks.

Tom Eames, Digital Spy, 16th April 2013

He would hate the term but Chris Morris is a 'national treasure'. From The Day Today to Brass Eye, the spiky satirist has created comedy that is ferocious, fearless, unique and still quintessentially British. His debut movie as writer/director is no different - a brilliantly judged farce about four hapless jihadists from Sheffield attempting to commit an act of terror, it somehow manages to be both cutting and charming. Nigel Lindsay's Barry is the pick of the hilarious quartet.

Colin Kennedy, Metro, 15th November 2011

The best lines from Four Lions

People will be asking you what you want for Christmas soon. Chris Morris's movie Four Lions is a stroke of comedy genius. We suggest this.

James Brown, Sabotage Times, 4th September 2011

Enfant terrible of the comedy world Chris Morris returns on Sunday, with the TV premiere of his feature film Four Lions.

Focusing on a band of disillusioned British Muslims who decide to form a terror cell, Morris pushes the boundaries of black comedy further than ever before, as the group plan a terrorist attack at the London marathon.

Four Lions received mixed reviews when it arrived in cinemas, so now is the time to find out whether it can live up to Morris' previous offerings Brass Eye and Nathan Barley.

Christopher Hooton, Metro, 3rd September 2011

Perhaps the most controversial film of 2010, this brilliant farce by satirist Chris Morris finds the funny side of terrorism. It charts the journey of five hapless British would-be jihadists, including family man Omar (Riz Ahmed), as they plan a mass suicide attack. What ensues is a comedy of errors, as they all are easily distracted on their fast-track to paradise.

The Telegraph, 2nd September 2011

Four Lions' premiere to coincide with 9/11 anniversary

Channel 4 will broadcast Chris Morris's comedy about jihadist terrorists on 4 September, just days before the 10-year anniversary of the attack on the twin towers.

Catherine Shoard, The Guardian, 30th August 2011