All The Way Up. Image shows from L to R: Avril Hadfield (Vanessa Howard), Hilda Midway (Pat Heywood), Fred Midway (Warren Mitchell), Eileen Midway (Elaine Taylor), Daphne Dunmore (Adrienne Posta), Tom Midway (Kenneth Cranham). Copyright: Granada Productions.

All The Way Up

1970 British comedy film about social climbing. Stars Warren Mitchell, Elaine Taylor, Vanessa Howard, Adrienne Posta, Richard Briers and others.

All The Way Up

Comedy following one family's scheming attempts to climb the social ladder

Warren Mitchell, Elaine Taylor, Vanessa Howard, Adrienne Posta, Richard Briers, Bill Fraser, Pat Heywood, Kenneth Cranham and others
David Turner and Philip Mackie
James MacTaggart
Philip Mackie

Adapted from David Turner's play, Semi-Detached, All The Way Up focuses on the lower-class Midway family and its scheming to climb the social ladder.

After months of anonymous letter-writing to his bosses, Fred Midway has succeeded in his attempts to have his immediate superior at wholesome firm Starlight Assurance sacked, and to move up the corporate tree himself accordingly.

Naturally, he's not about to let his hard-fought ladder-climbing go to ruin, despite the actions of his three children: Avril, who is equally keen for her husband, Nigel, to climb the ladder at his firm; Tom, whose girlfriend is in the club; and Eileen, who is having an affair with a married man!

Fred is not about to let such dalliances show him up in front of his bosses - or the neighbours - however. This scheming social climber has plenty of plans left up his sleeve!

Production Details

He stooped so low to get so high
UK certificate
97 minutes
Release date


Production company
Music composed by Howard Blake. Theme tune All The Way Up performed by The Scaffold.
Laugh track


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Last repeat
Thursday 27th December 2018 at 9:00pm on TPTV

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