Queen Of Hearts. Image shows left to right: Grace Perkins (Gracie Fields), Derek Cooper (John Loder). Credit: STUDIOCANAL, Associated Talking Pictures
Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts

  • 1936 film

A working class girl falls for a top London stage star, and after a case of mistaken identity becomes caught up in his showbiz world. Stars Gracie Fields, John Loder, Enid Stamp-Taylor, Fred Duprez, Edward Rigby and more.

Queen Of Hearts. Image shows left to right: Derek Cooper (John Loder), I. Zulenberg (Fred Duprez), Grace Perkins (Gracie Fields). Credit: STUDIOCANAL, Associated Talking Pictures

Key details

Gracie Fields, John Loder, Enid Stamp-Taylor, Fred Duprez, Edward Rigby, Madeline Seymour, Jean Lester, Tom Gill and more
Clifford Grey, H.F. Maltby, Anthony Kimmins and Douglas Furber
Monty Banks
Basil Dean

Grace Perkins is disappointed to learn that the revue playing in the theatre opposite her place of work, a seamstress and tailor's shop, is to close - after all, she's only seen it thirty-three times! She and her friends resolve to use the penultimate evening to get the autograph of its dashing male lead, Derek Cooper.

Unfortunately, by the time Cooper leaves the theatre that evening he is somewhat worse for wear, rudely and carelessly tumbling straight into his car and embarking upon a speedy, careering drive back to his home. And unfortunately for Grace, amidst the hubbub outside the stage door and Cooper's drunken lack of attention, she's fallen into the car with him!

When he eventually crashes the car and passes out, she takes the blame, clumsily driving the rest of the way to his flat, before depositing him inside. His coat having torn in the proceedings, she takes it for mending and heads back to the theatre to return it the next afternoon.

Between the show's irascible stage door man and anxious producer, Grace somehow manages to get the coat to Cooper's dressing room, but is soon mistaken for the reason of the producer's anxiety: he is due to meet the exceedingly rich wife of a leading businessman, who through her own desires to become a star, he is keen to exploit and put on the stage!

Grace, however, is not without talent. Having once held her own aspirations for stardom as a singer, she still enjoys unrecognised popularity performing for punters at her friend's coffee stall. Caught up in this new world of showbusiness in action, and more than a little taken by the handsome Derek Cooper's honest, sober charms, she is soon playing along with the part - but when producer Mr Zulenberg finds out the truth, he's not going to be happy!

Additional details

UK certificate
81 minutes

Associated British Film Distribution

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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Recording details

  • A.T.P. Studios

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