Father Dear Father. Copyright: Sedgemoor Productions / M.M. Film Productions.

Father Dear Father

1973 British comedy film based on the hit sitcom. Stars Patrick Cargill, Natasha Pyne, Ann Holloway, Noel Dyson, Ursula Howells and others.

Father Dear Father

Comedy film based on the popular ITV sitcom about a divorced novelist struggling to raise two teenage daughters

Patrick Cargill, Natasha Pyne, Ann Holloway, Noel Dyson, Ursula Howells, Joyce Carey, Richard O'Sullivan, Joseph O'Conor and others
Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke
William G Stewart
Peter J. Thompson, Marvin Liebman and David Fasken

Author Patrick Glover is shocked when his 17 year old daughter, Karen, announces that her clumsy boyfriend, Richard, has proposed marriage. He's also overcome with a sense that he has failed to provide Karen - and her elder sister, Anna - with a stable female role model since his divorce from their mother, Barbara, and quickly resolves to make an honest woman of his publisher and occasional girlfriend, Georgie. After a little consideration, she accepts!

Anna is similarly restless, and announces she will leave home. She quickly finds that it's not all too easy to find a flat to rent for just £15 though - not unless it's an absolute dump!

Meanwhile, Barbara has had a row with her second husband, Bill, and left him, seeking refuge in Anna's old room, despite her anger with Patrick for letting their eldest leave home without thoroughly inspecting her new residence.

As Patrick begins to panic that the notoriously violent Bill will get the wrong idea, and Anna finally realises she's made a horrendous error in moving out, the date of his wedding to Georgie fast approaches. But are either of their hearts really in it?

Oh, and there's a little matter of Karen's elopement to Gretna Green with Richard...

Production Details

UK certificate
99 minutes
Release date
May 1973
Production companies
Laugh track


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