Stiff Upper Lips. Image shows from L to R: Emily (Clare Woodgate), Aunt Agnes (Prunella Scales)
Stiff Upper Lips

Stiff Upper Lips

  • 1998 film

Period drama parody starring Peter Ustinov and Prunella Scales, following a young woman's search for a suitable husband. Also features Clare Woodgate, Samuel West, Brian Glover, Frank Finlay, Robert Portal and more.

Stiff Upper Lips. Image shows from L to R: Aunt Agnes (Prunella Scales), Horace (Peter Ustinov), Emily (Clare Woodgate), Hudson Junior (Frank Finlay), George (Sean Pertwee), Cedric (Robert Portal), Edward (Samuel West)

Key details

Paul Simpkin
Peter Ustinov, Prunella Scales, Clare Woodgate, Samuel West, Brian Glover, Frank Finlay, Robert Portal, Richard Braine and more
Paul Simpkin, Gary Sinyor, Stephen Deitch and Richard Sparks
Gary Sinyor
Jeremy Bolt, Gary Sinyor, Nigel Savage, Simon Hardy, Simon Scotland, Keith Richardson, Bobby Bedi, Ricky Posner and more

Bawdy romp deliciously spoofing the fertile ground of stiff-upper-lipped period dramas.

Having already turned down the advances of the local vicar for his altogether far too bushy eyebrows, 22 year-old Edwardian aristocrat Emily Ivory finds herself subject next to the attentions of one of her brother Edward's best friends, Cedric. However, although intelligent, reasonably attractive and certainly of a suitable social class, he is frightfully boring.

Accidentally falling into a lake whilst spying on Edward and Cedric talking about her, Emily's life is saved by a local peasant, George. The two find an instant chemistry, but love cannot cross such a gaping social chasm.

Under the care of their aunt Agnes, Emily and Edward - plus Cedric, and hiring George as a more able (and amiable) butler than their own servant at Ivory Hall, Hudson - head to Italy: Agnes hopes that the more exotic location, beautiful scenery and temperate weather will inspire the blossoming of love between Emily and Cedric.

However, it is not long before Cedric's meek manner is exposed once more, and again it is George who rushes to Emily's rescue. As the party extend their trip to Imperial India, even Agnes appears to fall subject to the spell of romance in warmer climes. But it remains to be seen whether love will win out or whether strict social divisions still rule the day.

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Additional details

UK certificate
95 minutes
UK release
Friday 12th June 1998
Camera set-up
Single camera

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Most recent repeats
  • Sunday 20th November 2022 at 12:50am on TPTV
  • Sunday 24th July 2022 at 2:55am on TPTV
  • Sunday 8th May 2022 at 12:50am on TPTV

Recording details

  • Douglas (Isle of Man), Anzio (Italy) and Ootacamund (India)

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