Gary Sinyor. Copyright: Darren Bell.

Gary Sinyor

Gary Sinyor is a writer, director and producer.


Year Production Role
2020 Hapless - The Jewish Enquirer Writer
2020 Hapless - The Jewish Enquirer Director
2020 Hapless - The Jewish Enquirer Producer
2014 United We Fall Writer
2014 United We Fall Director
2014 United We Fall Producer
2008 In Your Dreams Writer
2008 In Your Dreams Director
2008 In Your Dreams Producer
1998 Stiff Upper Lips Writer
1998 Stiff Upper Lips Director
1998 Stiff Upper Lips Producer
1997 Loved By You - Series 1 Writer (Adapted By)
1993 Leon The Pig Farmer Director
Hapless - Series 2 Announced Writer

Non-comedy TV and film credits might be found here:
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