United We Fall. Image shows from L to R: Kwasi 'Modo' Amoako (Matthew Avery), Danny Keegan (Ryan Pope), Kurt 'Kurtzie' Kurtz (Jonathan Broke), Olly Hunter (Jack Donnelly), Stevo Fallis (James Rastall). Copyright: Magnet Films.

United We Fall

United We Fall

Mockumentary showing five former Manchester United players telling of how they missed out on the biggest prize in football in 2010

Jack Donnelly, James Rastall, Ryan Pope, Jonathan Broke, Matthew Avery, Amy Beth Hayes, Robert Portal, Dana Haqjoo and others
Gary Sinyor
Gary Sinyor
Gary Sinyor

United We Fall is a mockumentary about "the beautiful game", which has it all: from match fixing and WAGs to politics and underpants.

Love or hate football, it's a film that crosses the boundaries. It's the sorry tale of 5 footballers who played for "the biggest football club in the world" - the team David Beckham played for - and had the incredible chance to make history and become heroes. All they had to do was win the last 3 games of the season. Could they do it? No they couldn't.

In fact they failed totally and utterly. So, they re-unite over a lunch to try to work out where it all went wrong and some surprising secrets and shocking home truths rise to the surface.

Production Details

90 minutes
Release date
Friday 17th October 2014
Production company
Laugh track

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