Pippa Evans.

Pippa Evans Grows Up

BBC Radio 4 stand-up special starring Pippa Evans. 1 episode in 2018. Stars Pippa Evans, Alex Atty and Yshani Perinpanayagam.

Pippa Evans Grows Up

Stand-up special starring Pippa Evans

BBC Radio 4
Pippa Evans, Alex Atty and Yshani Perinpanayagam
Pippa Evans
Alison Vernon-Smith

We're all supposed to be adults now, right? But what if you don't feel like one? Pippa Evans learns how to stand up for herself in her bid to become a grown-up.

Pippa Evans has never felt like a grown-up. In theory, she's reached the age where you really should, but somehow it's a feeling that has so far eluded her. In this stand-up show she asks what it means to be a grown-up and how you know when you are one. There are lots of markers of adulthood; standing up for yourself is a sure sign that you're a step further towards it. Perhaps this is a trick she must master.

With stand-up and music from her house band, Pippa involves her audience in her journey of self-discovery.

Production Details

Part of

Radio 4 Stand Up Sunday

Production company
Also known as
  • Pippa Evans' Joy Provision (Working title)
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 13th May 2018 on BBC Radio 4 at 7:15pm
Episode length
30 minutes
Last repeat
Saturday 19th May 2018 at 5:30am on Radio 4 Extra