How To Burn A Million Quid. Copyright: Holy Mountain.

How To Burn A Million Quid

BBC Radio 4 Extra comedy drama about pop band The KLF. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Stars Paul Higgins, Nicholas Burns, Kevin Eldon, Jeremy Stockwell and others.

How To Burn A Million Quid

The true story of The KLF, who once as a stunt burned a million pounds

Comedy Drama
BBC Radio 4 Extra
6   (1 series)
Paul Higgins, Nicholas Burns, Kevin Eldon, Jeremy Stockwell, Kate O'Sullivan, Polly Kemp, Ronny Jhutti and Niall Ashdown
Sean Grundy and Cara Jennings
Boz Temple-Morris
Boz Temple-Morris

The bizarre events of 23 August 1994, when one million pounds in cash went up in smoke, explained in a six-part comedy drama.

In the early 1990s, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, also known as The KLF, were one of the best-selling music acts in the world.

The million pounds at the centre of the controversy came from royalties accrued after Drummond and Cauty had stopped producing music. They created an artwork from the cash called "Money: A Major Body Of Cash", but failed to persuade any gallery to show it. So, instead, they decided to burn it in an old boathouse on the island of Jura.

This extraordinary story is brought to life by an outstanding cast of comedy performers including Paul Higgins, Nicholas Burns and Kevin Eldon.

Production Details

Production company
Original music by Somerset & Lewin, and MZYLKYPOP (Mick Somerset, David Lewin, Simon Lewinski, Rachel E, Flip Clegg and Thom Foote)
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Tuesday 17th September 2019 on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 9:30pm
Last new broadcast
Tuesday 22nd October 2019 on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 9:30pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes