2015 British comedy film. Stars Sarah Warren, Jo Price, Ryan Mercier, Mitchell Mullen, Paul Haggis and Mike Figgis.


Comic thriller about an actress who finds herself embracing the role of a spy

Sarah Warren, Jo Price, Ryan Mercier, Mitchell Mullen, Paul Haggis and Mike Figgis
Sarah Warren
Sarah Warren
Paul Bennun and Sarah Warren

Julie Robert ("nope, not Julia Roberts," as she has to correct daily) is an actor in her late 20s. With her wise-cracking, ball-busting, best friend, Camilla, she flies out to London, England, for their big break: roles in a huge feature film. They arrive in the opulent apartment where Julie is house-sitting, and go out on the town.

At the read-through, the carpet is swept from under everyone's feet as the movie is cancelled.

Having spent too much in advance, Julie is left penniless and doesn't have the heart to tell her friends and family the truth. Her desperation compounded by a (left side of the road) car accident and then her agent dumping her, Julie finds herself accepting the job of private spying for a rich family... on their own daughter.

Using the name Emily, (MLE - My Little Eye), spying seems like a fun new acting role for Julie at first, but soon she gets deep into a world she didn't expect. Julie discovers that the family's daughter is dating the head of a cult who is in the middle of a long con on the family. From masked parties to east London bike chases, Julie tries to save a crazy family, pay the bills and find herself.

Production Details

I spy. For realzies.
100 minutes
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