Jim Broadbent.

Star Child

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama retelling the Nativity. 1 episode in 2020. Stars Jim Broadbent, John Ramm, Maggie Steed, Nell Barlow and others.

Star Child

A comic retelling of the Nativity story

Comedy Drama
BBC Radio 4
Jim Broadbent, John Ramm, Maggie Steed, Nell Barlow, Rob Lennon, Sophie Thompson, Louie Barlow, Bonnie Barlow and others
Patrick Barlow and Clemily Reynolds
Patrick Barlow
Liz Anstee

A brand new nativity story. Award-winning dramatist Patrick Barlow's comedy drama tells the time-honoured nativity story in a fresh, compelling and unique way.

A magic star appears in the sky, a lonely village seamstress meets an anxious angel and a kindly donkey, two shepherds go on a dangerous mission, three bickering wise women bring news to a paranoid, psychotic king and a bolshie girl gives birth to a baby.

All feature as Patrick Barlow retells the Christmas story as we've never heard it told before.

Starring Jim Broadbent, Maggie Steed, Sophie Thompson, John Ramm and newcomers Robert Lennon and Nell Barlow.

All the joy and comfort of the Christmas story, with Patrick Barlow's own special twist - funny, original, touching. This is something special for all the family in these uncertain times. Star Child offers love, hope and light in a world of darkness.

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Production company
Also known as
  • Drama: Star Child (Other official name)
  • Afternoon Drama: Star Child (Other official name)
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First broadcast
Friday 25th December 2020 on BBC Radio 4 at 4pm
Episode length
1 hour