Big Pies

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 1 episode in 2010. Stars George Costigan, Katy Wix, Steffan Rhodri, Richard Nichols and Claire Cage.

Big Pies

A romantic comedy drama by Gill Adams about two lonely people, one night school and a lot of lying

Comedy Drama
BBC Radio 4
George Costigan, Katy Wix, Steffan Rhodri, Richard Nichols and Claire Cage
Gill Adams
Polly Thomas

Ron runs a successful chippy. But, when his wife dies, he loses his heart and half his custom. He is fed up at being nagged by best friend Keith about his soggy batter and lack of interest in romance. Elaine is trapped at home caring for her irascible dad - stuck in Yorkshire, she'd much rather be back in Wales. She feels her failure at school holds her back and her dad doesn't exactly help her self esteem.

Goaded into action, both Ron and Elaine reluctantly sign on at a local night school.

One night, during a break, Ron bumps into Elaine - and sparks immediately fly. Neither is prepared to admit why they are at night school, so they make up elaborate lies about what they are studying. Over the weeks, attracted to each other, but in denial, their deception sees them involved in increasingly complicated situations.

When the end of term concert is announced, Ron realises he will have to come clean - he is a widower but not really a stand-up comedian - and Elaine isn't really a belly dancer!

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