Shaun The Sheep. Copyright: Aardman Animations / BBC
Shaun The Sheep

Shaun The Sheep

  • TV sitcom
  • Netflix / BBC One / CBBC
  • 2007 - 2021
  • 170 episodes (6 series)

Stop-motion animated children's sitcom by Aardman Animations for CBBC. Wildly popular with not just kids, but adults too. Stars John Sparkes, Justin Fletcher, Kate Harbour, Richard Webber, Simon Greenall and more.

Shaun The Sheep. Copyright: Aardman Animations

Key details

2007 - 2021
Netflix, BBC One, CBBC
170 (6 series), plus 2 other episodes
Nick Park, Richard Starzak, Alison Snowden and David Fine
John Sparkes, Justin Fletcher, Kate Harbour, Richard Webber, Simon Greenall, Emma Tate, Andy Nyman and Akiya Henry
Richard Hansom, Lee Pressman, Catherine Williams, Mike Cooper, Giles Pilbrow and Richard Starzak
Christopher Sadler, Tom Parkinson, Seamus Malone, Lee Wilton and Richard Starzak
Gareth Owen, John Woolley, Julie Lockhart, Miles Bullough, Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Nick Park, Nikki Chaplin and more

Shaun the Sheep was first seen stealing Wallace's cheese at the end of A Close Shave but since then he's been the living the life of... well, a sheep on the farm.

With the naughty pigs, his troublesome flock friends and the green aliens who pop by every now and then, Shaun has a lot on his plate. However, he always finds time to help his friends and have some fun.

Bitzer and the Farmer tend to upset the apple cart with their formal, fun-free ways, but Shaun has an answer for and a way to escape everything.

Additional details

Part of

Wallace & Gromit

Also known as
  • Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom
Camera set-up
Single camera

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 5th March 2007 on BBC One
Next repeats
  1. Series 2, Episode 33: Saturday at 7am on CBBC
  2. Series 1, Episode 4: Saturday at 3:45pm on CBBC
  3. Series 1, Episode 5: Saturday at 3:50pm on CBBC
  4. Series 1, Episode 6: Saturday at 4pm on CBBC
  5. Series 1, Episode 7: Saturday at 4:05pm on CBBC
  6. Series 2, Episode 34: Sunday at 7am on CBBC
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