Lost In Karastan. Image shows from L to R: Emil Forester (Matthew Macfadyen), Unknown, Unknown.

Lost In Karastan

2016 British comedy film. Stars Matthew Macfadyen, Noah Taylor, MyAnna Buring and Richard Van Weyden.

Lost In Karastan.

Lost In Karastan

A comedy about globalisation and nation-building, sex and art, money-laundering and love

Matthew Macfadyen, Noah Taylor, MyAnna Buring and Richard Van Weyden
Ben Hopkins and Pawel Pawlikowski
Ben Hopkins
Stephen Daldry, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Vladimer Katcharava, Artem Vassiliev, Daniel Zuta and Andreas Eicher

When down-and-out Academy Award-winning British film director Emil Miller receives an invitation to the Embassy of the Autonomous Republic of Karastan, little does he know that he will be embarking on one of the wildest journeys of his already diverse and colourful career.

Independent film-maker Emil Miller is in the middle of a creative block and on top of that his wife has left him. So the invitation to a film festival in the newly independent Caucasian republic of Karastan is perfectly timed.

That the country is a model dictatorship doesn't bother the burnt-out director. He gladly accepts an offer from the president to make an epic film about a Karastanian folk hero from the Middle Ages. But shooting huge battles with several thousand extras soon starts to go wrong: first the leading actor disappears, then the president is toppled by a military junta.

Production Details

UK certificate
96 minutes
Release date
Friday 22nd January 2016
Also known as
  • Welcome To Karastan (Working title)
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