Happy Finish. Image shows from L to R: Daniel Kaluuya, Nico Tatarowicz, Sara Pascoe, Mike Wozniak, Nadia Kamil. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

Happy Finish

Channel 4 sketch show. 1 pilot in 2010. Stars Nico Tatarowicz, Daniel Kaluuya, Sara Pascoe, Mike Wozniak and Nadia Kamil.

Happy Finish

Sketch show pilot from the Dawson Brothers writing team. Stars Daniel Kaluuya, Nadia Kamil, Sara Pascoe, Nico Tatarowicz & Mike Wozniak

Sketch Show
Channel 4
1 Pilot
Nico Tatarowicz, Daniel Kaluuya, Sara Pascoe, Mike Wozniak and Nadia Kamil
Andrew Dawson, Steve Dawson, Tim Inman, Al Campbell and Nico Tatarowicz
Al Campbell
Mark Talbot, Helen Williams and Mario Stylianides

A sketch show that showcases a generation of new comedic talent both on and off-screen.

Sketches include the Department of Internet Hate - a government body who are tasked with the job of coming up with the hate you read on YouTube comment boards; an illegal download of Lost that goes horribly wrong; a boyfriend returning from the dead; the archaeologists who uncover one of Jesus's practical jokes; a glimpse into the perils of homemade time travel; a girl who doesn't understand drinking games; an annoying cyclist.

The broadcast of this pilot was linked with funnyordie.co.uk - the website featured a Happy Finish exclusive sketch, trailer and a preview clip.

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