His Master's Voice. Image shows from L to R: Archie Andrews (Rob Brydon), Peter Brough (Rob Brydon).

His Master's Voice (2014)

His Master's Voice

Comedy drama about the life of ventriloquist Peter Brough and his doll Archie Andrews - both played by Rob Brydon

Comedy Drama
BBC Radio 4
Rob Brydon, Fenella Woolgar, Michael Bertenshaw, Thomas Williams-Boyle, Stephanie Racine, James Lailey, Ewan Bailey and Harriet Collings
James Maw and Tim Sullivan
Jeremy Mortimer
Jeremy Mortimer

Rob Brydon is ventriloquist Peter Brough, and his doll Archie Andrews, in a new drama that tells the true story behind one of the most successful radio shows of all time.

The 1950s BBC Radio show Educating Archie - with 16 million listeners - catapulted the ventriloquist Peter Brough from suburban obscurity to the heights of high society. The Royal Family were fans. His show introduced the world to Eric Sykes (writer), Tony Hancock (Archie's Tutor), Max Bygraves (another tutor) and Julie Andrews (Archie's girlfriend).

After eight years on radio, Educating Archie transferred to television. And yet, one day in 1961, Peter Brough locked the dummy in a suitcase and left him on the top of a wardrobe for 40 years until, six years after the ventriloquist's death, Archie Andrews was put up for auction.

His Master's Voice tells the true story of what went wrong in the world of Archie Andrews and Peter Brough.

Production Details

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 2nd August 2014 on BBC Radio 4 at 2:30pm
Episode length
1 hour
Last repeat
Saturday 30th June 2018 at 3:00am on Radio 4 Extra