Beat The Internet With John Robins. John Robins
Beat The Internet With John Robins

Beat The Internet With John Robins

  • TV comedy
  • Dave
  • 2018 - 2019
  • 20 episodes (1 series)

Comedy game show hosted by John Robins about the weird and wonderful results returned by search engines. Also features Sunil Patel.

Beat The Internet With John Robins. John Robins

Key details

2018 - 2019
20 (1 series)
Dan Louw
John Robins and Sunil Patel
John Robins
Ben Hardy
Keith Cotton, Adeel Amini, Tom Baker, Laura Hawkes, Yonni Usiskin, Iain Coyle, Dan Louw and Justin Hook

Comedian John Robins hosts the comedy quiz show where contestants try to finish sentences based on some of the internet's most popular search terms. Can five contestants predict some of the most common 'autocompletes' and survive to the final round?

John is ably assisted by fact-master Sunil Patel, who explains just why we search for the things we do.

It's the only quiz show where humans supply the questions and robots supply the answers, and where you're only ever one round away from being deleted from the game.

John Robins said, "For many years now I've been suspicious that the 'internet' is getting too big for its boots. Its war against our high streets, laws and HMRC goes completely unchecked, and that's not to mention the unknowable impact on future generations of the constant stream of top shelf material it provides, whose sheer volume and variety never ceases to astonish and horrify.

"I say it's time to fight back, to reclaim our streets, to enforce our laws, recoup our taxes, and place pornography back on actual shelves in the real world, where it can be controlled, policed, and placed under a copy of The Times before handing to a sympathetic newsagent. Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to Beat The Internet."

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 15th November 2018 at 8pm on Dave
Most recent repeats
  • Saturday 14th October 2023 at 3:30am on Dave - Episode 5
  • Friday 13th October 2023 at 3:30am on Dave - Episode 4
  • Thursday 12th October 2023 at 3:30am on Dave - Episode 3

Recording details

  • Spectrecom Studios

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