Passport To Pimlico. Copyright: Studio Canal.

Passport To Pimlico

1949 British comedy film about Pimlico belonging to Burgundy. Stars Stanley Holloway, Betty Warren, Barbara Murray, Paul Dupuis, John Slater and others.

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Passport To Pimlico.

Passport To Pimlico

Ealing comedy about a legal technicality which leads the residents of Pimlico to discover that they are not part of England but Burgundy

Stanley Holloway, Betty Warren, Barbara Murray, Paul Dupuis, John Slater, Jane Hylton, Raymond Huntley, Philip Stainton and others
T.E.B. Clarke
Henry Cornelius
Michael Balcon

After falling down a hole caused by unexploded bomb accidentally blowing up, Pimlico shopkeeper Arthur Pemberton (Stanley Holloway) discovers some long forgotten treasure which includes a scroll. When translated it is revealed to be a never-revoked charter stating that Pimlico is not in fact English soil, but part of the Duchy of Burgundy.

The residents of Pimlico discover that they are free from English laws such as rationing, licencing hours and Sunday trading. However, things become problematic when the Burgundians try to deal with England. The result is that England leaves the Burgundians completely isolated. They are not going to give up easily, but England looks rosier by the minute when they low on food and water.

Production Details

French goings-on in the heart of London
UK certificate
81 minutes
Release date
Saturday 16th April 1949
Production companies
Black and white
Music composed by Georges Auric, played by The Philharmonia Orchestra, and conducted by Ernest Irving.
Laugh track


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