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Trouble In Store. Copyright: Two Cities Films.

Trouble In Store

Trouble In Store

Norman Wisdom is a humble department-store stock clerk with an ambition to become a window dresser

Norman Wisdom, Margaret Rutherford, Moira Lister, Derek Bond, Lana Morris, Jerry Desmonde, Megs Jenkins, Joan Sims and others
John Paddy Carstairs, Maurice Cowan and Ted Willis
John Paddy Carstairs
Maurice Cowan and Earl St. John

Working in the basement stock-room of Burridges' department store in central London, poor, luckless Norman is besotted with a sales girl from one of the floors above.

However, the beautiful Sally doesn't even know he exists - and when Norman tries to introduce himself, he only succeeds in getting her bicycle flattened by a large lorry!

Then there's new store boss Augustus Freeman: Norman doesn't get off to the best of starts, annoying Mr Freeman before his first day at Burridges' has even formally begun. But it's a series of mishaps with a window display, a soda siphon and a cigarette lighter that really get Freeman wound up!

However, when he decides to warn another man off Sally, Norman stumbles across a gangster plan to rob the store on the day of its flagship one-day sale. Barred by Mr Freeman from entering Burridges ever again, Norman faces a race against time to raise the alarm before it's too late.

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