Big Babies. Image shows from L to R: Rocco (Martin Collins), Brooks (Spencer Jones). Copyright: BBC.

Big Babies

Big Babies

Innovative CBBC comedy series based around two 10-month-old babies with the heads of grown men

13   (1 series)
Martin Collins, Spencer Jones, Dan Kirwan, Chiron Miller, Caroline May-Jones, Natalia Ferrara, Donna Louise Pearce, Ben Bailey Smith and others
Jon Riche and Spencer Jones
Jon Riche
Catherine Gosling Fuller

Combining live action, puppetry and computer-generated imagery, Big Babies is an innovative new comedy series starring two 10-month-old babies with the heads of two men in their late twenties.

Rocco gets dropped at Brooks's house every day by his mum and has a sunny and positive outlook on life, whereas his best friend, Brooks, is a tad more cynical and jaded, even at 10 months.

The boys would happily sit and watch television all day if Brooks's mum, Carole, didn't take them out for excursions in their double buggy. Trips to the park, the duck pond, the pet shop, or even just a drive in the car all provide the backdrop to a series of surreal, vibrant and outrageously funny adventures.

On these trips viewers meet the babies' playmates: fashionista baby Calais Savoy; hippy baby Daisy; and the Gonch, "the coolest kid in town", who has always done everything cooler and bigger and better than Rocco and Brooks.

When the babies are away, the toys on the nursery toy shelf come out to play - and that's when the trouble really starts. The shelf is led by Budge, a stuffed toy made by Brooks's nan. Budge has a thing about biscuits and will do anything to get them, even if it ends up ruining Rocco and Brooks's day.

The show is created by the comedy collective Broken Biscuits, led by writer/director Jon Riche and writer/performer Spencer Jones, with Sharon Horgan as programme consultant.

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 15th March 2010 on CBBC at 5:45pm
Last new broadcast
Friday 2nd April 2010 on CBBC at 5:45pm
Length of episodes
15 minutes
Last repeat
Tuesday 9th November 2010 at 3:30pm on BBC1