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Pooky Quesnel.

The Rosenthals: Cold Enough For Snow

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama about two students. 1 episode in 2017. Stars Pooky Quesnel, Nicholas Gleaves, Ben Miles, Lucy Robinson and others.

The Rosenthals: Cold Enough For Snow

Comedy drama by Jack Rosenthal about two students working towards their A levels

Comedy Drama
BBC Radio 4
Pooky Quesnel, Nicholas Gleaves, Ben Miles, Lucy Robinson, David Moorst, Rosie Day, Ben Jones, Georgie Glen and others
Jack Rosenthal
Marion Nancarrow
Marion Nancarrow

Jack Rosenthal's comedy drama, adapted for radio by his daughter Amy Rosenthal, follows two sets of parents in 1996 who plot to keep their children apart whilst they're studying. But it isn't the children they should be worrying about...

The last play saw Pippa and Neil arrive from Cheltenham and Blackburn respectively for their interviews at Cambridge. Now, they're working towards their A levels. And as their future looks uncertain, both sets of parents realise quite what a turning point this is in their own lives.

This is a sequel to The Rosenthals: Eskimo Day. See also, the follow-up: The Rosenthals: Thin Ice

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