Carry On Abroad. Image shows from L to R: Cora Flange (Joan Sims), Vic Flange (Sid James), Marge (Carol Hawkins), Lily Mays (Sally Geeson). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions

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Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Bernard Bresslaw, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth and more
Talbot Rothwell
Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers

Pub landlord Vic Flange is heading off on his holidays - and despite being afraid of flying, wife Cora decides she'll come along too when she discovers that local blonde bombshell Sadie is also due to go on the same package trip.

Organised by local travel agent Wundatours, a coach load of tourists are heading to the airport for their all-inclusive package to the Spanish resort of Elsbels and its Palace Hotel. Unfortunately for Wundatours proprietor Stuart Farquhar and his clients, the Elsbels rather lives up to its name, and the builders haven't even finished the hotel yet!

Things quickly go awry from the moment the group arrive. Just one man - Monsieur Pepe - appears to be acting as porter, waiter and manager; there's no glass in many of the windows; no backs on some of the wardrobes; and each room seems to share its bathroom with the room next door!

Also joining Vic, Cora and Sadie on the trip are Evelyn Blunt and her hen-pecked husband, Stanley; gay couple Robin and Nicholas; bachelor Eustace Tuttle; 20-somethings Lily and Marge; single Scotsman Bert; and a group of clergymen from a missionary order!

The mismatched group are disturbed from 6 am by builders drilling and peeling the temporary roofing back: then a day trip to a nearby town sees the day end in an altogether different fashion after the trippers all pick up a bottle each of a locally brewed love potion!

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Part of

Carry On Films

UK certificate
89 minutes
UK release
Thursday 30th November 1972

The Rank Organisation


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Most recent repeats
  • Monday 1st January 2024 at 12:50pm on ITV3
  • Wednesday 27th December 2023 at 2:05pm on ITV3
  • Saturday 12th August 2023 at 8:50am on ITV3

Recording details

  • Pinewood Studios - Studios
  • Slough - Western end of High Street used as Wundatours office location

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