Gerald Thomas
Gerald Thomas

Gerald Thomas

  • English
  • Director and editor

Known for: Carry On Laughing (Producer)

Carry On Forever. Gerald Thomas. Copyright: BBC
Gerald Thomas was an English director and editor.

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Friday 10th December 1920
Tuesday 9th November 1993


British Comedy Awards 1990
Lifetime Achievement Award: Winner (Peter Rogers, Gerald Thomas and the cast of the Carry On films)


Year Production Role
2015 Talking Pictures: Great British Comedies Self (Archive Material)
2015 Carry On Forever
  1. E2 - Episode Two
  2. E3 - Episode Three
Self (Archive Material)
2013 The Many Faces Of... - Series 3
  1. E3 - The Many Faces Of Sid James
Self (Archive Material)
2010 Carry On Forever! Self (Archive Material)
1992 Carry On Columbus Director
1984 What A Carry On Director
1978 Carry On Emmannuelle Director
1977 That's Carry On! Director
1977 That's Carry On! Compiler
1977 Odd Man Out Producer
1976 Carry On England Director
1975 Carry On Behind Director
1975 Carry On Behind Mynah bird (Voice)
1975 Carry On Laughing - Series 2 Producer
1975 Carry On Laughing - Series 1 Producer
1974 Carry On Dick Director
1973 Carry On Christmas - Carry On Christmas Producer
1973 Carry On Girls Director
1972 Carry On Christmas - Carry On Christmas: Carry On Stuffing Producer
1972 Carry On Abroad Director
1972 Carry On Matron Director
1972 Bless This House Director
1971 Carry On At Your Convenience Director
1971 Carry On Henry Director
1970 Carry On Christmas - Carry On Again Christmas Comedy Consultant
1970 Carry On Loving Director
1970 Carry On Forever Self
1970 Carry On Up The Jungle Director
1969 Carry On Christmas - Carry On Christmas Comedy Consultant
1969 Carry On Again Doctor Director
1969 Carry On Camping Director
1968 Carry On... Up The Khyber Director
1968 Carry On Doctor Director
1967 Follow That Camel Director
1966 Don't Lose Your Head Director
1966 Carry On Screaming! Director
1965 Carry On Cowboy Director
1965 The Big Job Director
1964 Carry On Cleo Director
1964 Carry On Spying Director
1963 Nurse On Wheels Director
1963 Carry On Jack Director
1963 Carry On Cabby Director
1962 The Iron Maiden Director
1962 Carry On Cruising Director
1962 Twice Round The Daffodils Director
1961 Carry On Regardless Director
1961 Raising The Wind Director
1960 No Kidding Director
1960 Watch Your Stern Director
1960 Carry On, Constable Director
1959 Please Turn Over Director
1959 Carry On Teacher Director
1959 Carry On Nurse Director
1958 Carry On Sergeant Director
1958 The Duke Wore Jeans Director
1954 Doctor In The House Editor
1953 A Day To Remember Editor
1951 Appointment With Venus Editor

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