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Nurse On Wheels

Nurse On Wheels

  • 1963 film

Comedy about a rural village's new district nurse and her romantic entanglements. Stars Juliet Mills, Ronald Lewis, Joan Sims, Noel Purcell, Esma Cannon and more.

  • Repeated Friday at 2:05pm on TPTV
Nurse On Wheels. Image shows from L to R: George Judd (Norman Rossington), Nurse Joanna Jones (Juliet Mills), Tim Taylor (Jim Dale). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions

Key details

Joanna Jones
Juliet Mills, Ronald Lewis, Joan Sims, Noel Purcell, Esma Cannon, Raymond Huntley, Athene Seyler, Norman Rossington and more
Norman Hudis
Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers and Frank Bevis

In the sleepy little town of Blandley everybody knows everybody else's business. Any minor incident becomes a major event in their lives, and the biggest stir in recent years is caused by the arrival of the young new district nurse, Joanna Jones.

Setting out jauntily on her first round of patients, Joanna crashes into the car of Henry Edwards, a handsome single farmer and the largest landowner in the area.

Before she can even reach her first patient though, Joanna receives an emergency call from the vicarage, and is somewhat surprised to find that the charlady, Mrs. Wood, has feigned an injury so she can be the first in the village to get a close look at the new nurse! The vicar himself is decidedly short and grumpy, but his daughter, Deborah, is not much older than Joanna and the two get on well.

Elsewhere in the area, Joanna's patients are more problematic. They all seem to have one complaint in common - that she doesn't compare very favourably with her predecessor, the retired Nurse Merrick! Can Joanna win over the locals, particularly with her scatterbrained mother creating chaos all round as she tries to play cupid?

Additional details

UK certificate
87 minutes

Anglo Amalgamated

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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Broadcast details

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  1. Friday at 2:05pm on TPTV
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  • Tuesday 14th November 2023 at 4:15pm on TPTV
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Recording details

  • Windsor - Driving test sequence
  • Pinewood Studios

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