Peter Rogers

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TV, Radio & Film Credits

Year Production Role
Year Production Role
2000 The Unforgettable... - Series 2Self
1992 Carry On ColumbusExecutive Producer
1978 Carry On EmmannuelleProducer
1977 That's Carry On!Producer
1976 Carry On EnglandProducer
1975 Carry On BehindProducer
1975 Carry On Laughing - Series 2Executive Producer
1975 Carry On Laughing - Series 1Executive Producer
1974 Carry On DickProducer
1973 Carry On GirlsProducer
1973 Carry On Christmas - Carry On ChristmasExecutive Producer
1972 Carry On MatronProducer
1972 Carry On Christmas - Carry On Christmas: Carry On StuffingExecutive Producer
1972 Carry On AbroadProducer
1972 Bless This HouseProducer
1971 Carry On HenryProducer
1971 Carry On At Your ConvenienceProducer
1970 Carry On Up The JungleProducer
1970 Carry On LovingProducer
1969 Carry On Again DoctorProducer
1969 Carry On CampingProducer
1968 Carry On DoctorProducer
1969 Carry On... Up The KhyberProducer
1967 Follow That CamelProducer
1966 Carry On Screaming!Producer
1966 Don't Lose Your HeadProducer
1965 Carry On CowboyProducer
1965 The Big JobProducer
1964 Carry On SpyingProducer
1964 Carry On CleoProducer
1963 Carry On CabbyProducer
1963 Carry On JackProducer
1963 Nurse On WheelsProducer
1962 Carry On CruisingProducer
1963 The Iron MaidenProducer
1962 Twice Round The DaffodilsProducer
1961 Carry On RegardlessProducer
1960 Carry On, ConstableProducer
1959 Carry On TeacherProducer
1959 Carry On NurseProducer
1958 Carry On SergeantProducer
1949 It's Not CricketAssociate Producer
1947 Holiday CampWriter
What's A Carry On?Self

Rows styled with emboldened text indicate a regular/leading role.