Noel Purcell

  • Irish
  • Actor

Noel Purcell was an Irish actor.

Year Production Role
1970 Never Say Die
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  1. E1 - Please, Please Don't Eat The Patient
  2. E2 - Goodbye Mr. Bridge
  3. E3 - The Party
  4. E4 - The Criminal
  5. E5 - The New Sister
  6. E6 - The Gamblers
Mr Finucane
1966 Doctor In Clover O'Malley
1963 Nurse On Wheels Abel Worthy
1962 The Iron Maiden Admiral Sir Digby Trevelyan
1961 Double Bunk O'Malley
1960 Make Mine Mink Burglar
1960 No Kidding Tandy
1960 Watch Your Stern Admiral Sir Humphrey Pettigrew
1960 The Millionairess Professor
1959 Tommy The Toreador Ship's Captain
1958 Rooney Tim Hennessy
1957 Doctor At Large The Padre
1955 Doctor At Sea Corble, Ship's Stoker
1954 Doctor In The House Padre
1951 Appointment With Venus Trawler Langley

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